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When searching for a computer online there are so many websites that provide you with information and gives reviews on the top computers, and customer ratings on the best computers to get. When you are trying to find a new computer you need to research what type of computer you want and decide if you want a laptop or a desktop computer, and what type of options you want in your computer.During your search for your computer you may find some websites that offer free computers, some websites have special online promotions giving you a free computer if you comply with the rules of the offer they are promoting, this can be a great way to get a computer for free.If you want a good computer take some time and research the top computers for your budget, you want to try and find a computer that is going to provide you with the fastest processor and the best hardware for your money, the best way to do this is to read customer reviews and online ratings for computers in the price category you are trying to buy your computer in.So when you are ready to find your new computer do your search and find the best websites online to get a computer or a free computer for that matter, there are a lot of websites out there offering special online promotions just find the website that you like best.

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There’s one reason and one reason only to buy a used computer online, lack of money which is a good reason. For the purpose of this article, the term computer shall include laptops. This article will tell you what to look for and what not to look for in a used computer, step by step.I would only consider buying a used computer if you can’t afford to buy the computer you want new and can’t afford a new computer at a level below that computer provided its features still have what you want. IE, if you can’t afford to spend $750 for a new Core 2 Duo computer but can afford to spend $500 on a new Core Duo computer or $500 on a used Core 2 Duo, I would probably get the new Core Duo Computer unless the features on the used Core 2 Duo you found you couldn’t do without. The main advantage of buying a computer used is the warranty and the ability to extend it, free technical help from the computer company and the fact that you know there is no spyware, adware and viruses on it and in all likelihood no pre-existing problems on the computer waiting to be discovered.Once you decide you can only afford to get the computer you want used then the first thing I would do is look to to see if it’s available online from a large company that sells refurbished computers with at least a 45-90 day warranty. Refurbished computers include computers whose boxes were opened and never used as well as returned computers with no problems and returned computers with problems. These companies usually buy refurbished computers in mass and test, repair and restore them as applicable to their original factory setting before they are resold, so you’re not likely to get a stiff. If you are, you will be covered by their warranty. You usually can extend your warranty for a few years beyond the original 45-90 days, as long as it’s before your original warranty expires.The next step below that is buying your computer used online. Usually when you are buying a computer used online, there is no warranty. If you are not sure if a computer includes a certain feature on it, you need to contact the seller and have him confirm by email if it does or doesn’t have that feature before you purchase it. Sellers are notorious for being deliberately vague on used computers. For instance, a few years ago I purchased a computer which the seller confirmed to me by email that it included an operating system and when I got it, of course it didn’t but because I had this in writing he replaced it with one that had an operating system. If I didn’t get him to confirm this, chances are he would have stated that nowhere in his sales description did he say an operating system was included and therefore he won’t replace it. If you don’t have a basic general knowledge of computers and you have a friend that does, I would have the friend check out the description before you make your purchase. Whatever you do, if you see the words “Sold as Is”- do not buy as that is the sellers way of saying you are stuck with it, once you receive it.I would not purchase any computer that is not at least described as being in very good condition as most sellers have a tendency to describe the condition one level better then what it is. I also would not buy any computer that mentions any kind of problem in its sales listing even its been fixed as you’re asking for trouble. You should make sure the memory, hard drive, operating system, size and CPU is listed and what you’re looking for. Assuming everything is in order, I would insist that the seller cleans the computer of all spyware, adware and viruses, if applicable before they send it out. I once got a used laptop that I had to spend 5 hours cleaning that junk off it. Once you get the computer, run any security programs on it and if you see that the seller hasn’t sent you a clean computer, either tell them to refund you for the the whole computer or tell him you’ll keep it but you want a rebate for sending you an unclean computer.One last thing before you make your purchase is to see what software is already on the computer and if there’s something you don’t want, ask the seller to uninstall it and if there’s something you want kept on, tell the seller to leave it on. I would have the seller send you the computer UPS ground as its likelier to be damaged if sent by air, insured for the full purchase amount and requiring you to sign for it when delivered.Once you get your computer I would as I said earlier, run any security programs you have to make sure there’s no junk on it. I then would test the computer for its basic functions and once you have an internet connection established, download Belarc Advisor online which is a free download that reads what’s exactly on your computer in detail to make sure everything you were told was on the computer is on the computer in terms of software, system, RAM, hardware, etc. I also would make sure you have an anti-virus program operational before you start surfing the web.

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If you like the environment then it’s likely that you take precautions to protect it. Even if you aren’t the greenest person you know, you probably engage in some healthy planet activities like sorting out cardboard and plastics from the trash, or walking or taking mass transit to work instead of driving every day. The average Earth smart person would never think of throwing a plastic bottle or aluminum can straight into the trash. Instead, that person would take the plastic bottle or can and recycle it. That same person, however, might not dispose of their technological waste in the same smart way. Instead of taking old cell phones, digital cameras, and yes, even computers and disposing of them in the proper manner, millions of such electronic and technological items end up in dumpsters and trash bins each and every year. In fact, electronic waste is the fastest growing category in human made waste out there, and the numbers are getting bigger each year. Part of the reason people fail to recycle electronics is that they aren’t sure how to go about doing it. This is not to mention that frequently people find in order to properly dispose of their electronics they have to actually pay for the service! For these reasons many people say ‘no thanks,’ but now there is a great way to get something more than a good feeling out of recycling.Doing the right thing and getting cash back for it has never been as easy as when selling a computer online. Now, you can take your old computer and sell Gateway notebook laptops for cash! It doesn’t matter what kind of condition is in, it’s easy to get money back for your old machine. All you have to do is go online and get a quote for how much your machine is worth, then then actually send you the packaging. Instead of paying to recycle your machine, you can get paid and sell Gateway notebook computers. That sounds like the smart thing to do for recycling conscious computer users!With some computer sellers, you can get a discount when you recycle your old computer with the same company, but that only helps you if you want another one of their computers. When you sell Gateway notebook computers for cash you can spend the extra money on anything you like. Of course you could get another Gateway, or you could change your mind and go for a new digital camera, a new iPod, or even a fun night out on the town! Treat your friends to some fun, or simply save up for a bigger better computer, it’s your choice! Everyone likes feeling good about doing the right thing, and everyone likes to have choices so get the best of both worlds when you sell Gateway notebook computers online. For more information on how safe and secure it can be to sell your old computer, just go online and check out how other computer owners have recycled and made some money the fast and easy way.

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Being a computer online consultant is not an easy job, to say the least. You are required to do so much work, some days you may not think that there are enough hours available for you in a day to get it all accomplished, but you must push yourself in order to succeed. It is extremely necessary for you to be completely dedicated to your clients and always willing to work on improving your tasks that are in hand. Always ask yourself, will this action create a great amount of value in your clients current installations?Your clients will want to see and know that you are a very creative computer online consultant but also keeping in mind that you are always on a budget and should not go over the budget in trying to perfect your tasks. That would be a very bad move and word gets around really fast when your clients decide to tell others about you and your job performance. When staying within the budget do not be afraid to compromise at times, sometimes it is just necessary in achieving your goal. If you want to achieve the goals you set for yourself and your business you must always keep your focus on the profits of your computer online consulting business and remain motivated and organized when maintaining your sales and marketing ventures.Just keep in mind, consulting online should be improving your lifestyle and adding to your pocketbook, not serving as a drain on your resources and lifestyle.