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When searching for a computer online there are so many websites that provide you with information and gives reviews on the top computers, and customer ratings on the best computers to get. When you are trying to find a new computer you need to research what type of computer you want and decide if you want a laptop or a desktop computer, and what type of options you want in your computer.During your search for your computer you may find some websites that offer free computers, some websites have special online promotions giving you a free computer if you comply with the rules of the offer they are promoting, this can be a great way to get a computer for free.If you want a good computer take some time and research the top computers for your budget, you want to try and find a computer that is going to provide you with the fastest processor and the best hardware for your money, the best way to do this is to read customer reviews and online ratings for computers in the price category you are trying to buy your computer in.So when you are ready to find your new computer do your search and find the best websites online to get a computer or a free computer for that matter, there are a lot of websites out there offering special online promotions just find the website that you like best.

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How to buy a computer onlineWith many online shopping malls around and many brands of computers in competition it is really difficult to make a decision. These are possible doubts that may come to an online buyer in choosing a computer system
Is it trust worthy website?
Is my money safe with online purchase?
Will there be any hacking my bank account while transferring the money online.
Is the product that I get is the same product that I see while booking.
What if the product is not satisfactory to me? Will there be a refund?
How about after sales service. What about warranty terms
Above all will I get a price gain if purchased online?I will try to answer with my limited knowledge and experience. Having decided to go for online purchase of any product you must be aware of the basics of such promotions. These are few reasons why people choose online purchase.
Easy reach to millions from the pain taking physical shopping from their busy schedule.When the same product with finalized product codes and specifications are available online and the product can be reviewed online, compared with similar products from other sources, see the product in various angles and the product in parts and pieces and minute details of the specification.
When products from different company brands with same specifications can be compared and reviewed
May be you may get the product at lesser price tag with offers and deals on special occasion
may be free shipping to the houseNow I will answer for above questions.
Choose the branded company products like HP, Dell and Apple. They have links to their websites,
Money will definitely be safe in an online purchase if you follow these simple steps. When sale page is directed to the payment gateway try to use the virtual keyboard for keying y in your account details. Do not use the traditional keyboard. Close the website once as soon as the payment is successful if not advised otherwise by the parent website.
Hacking is prevented if you follow above steps.
All major companies will have a refund policy. Read the contents carefully and get satisfied.
After sales services terms and conditions will be clear with branded companies. It will be similar ti physical purchase.
You have great deals and offers for special occasions and offers special discounts for important calendar days.

5 Top Tips to Protect Your Computer Online – Computer Online

When browsing online it can be difficult to know how safe and secure your computer really is. There are a lot of malicious websites on the Internet, and stumbling across just one of them can be extremely harmful if you haven’t taken some steps to protect your computer. A common misconception when securing your files is that it is either too hard or too expensive – neither of which are true. You don’t need to be an expert in IT to take a few basic steps to ensure your computer is that little bit more secure.Here are 5 top tips to protect your computer online:1. Internet Browser – If you are using a Windows PC then by default you may be using Internet Explorer to browse the Internet. This browser has been upgraded to be more secure, but it still contains a lot of vulnerabilities – especially the older versions. Try using one of the newer browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Upgrading your Internet browser is beneficial for security.2. OS Updates – With any operating system there will be certain issues that can be improved upon. When a new operating system is released it is only a matter of time before a flaw has been found, and the companies work fast to release updates to prevent this. Keep your computer up to date with the latest operating system updates to ensure your computer is fully prepared.3. Antivirus – Having a good antivirus installed can be critical to protecting your computer online. No matter how secure you are, without an antivirus you are still very vulnerable. It is better to pay for antivirus software, but you can still get good ones for cheap, such as AVG. Before browsing on the Internet you should install an antivirus that will help prevent your computer from being infected with any malicious content.4. Firewall – Similar to an antivirus, a firewall helps to protect your computer from harmful content. A firewall is useful to block programs accessing the Internet without consent, and works well to spot potential issues while on the web. Some firewalls are available for free, but you can use the built in one if you are on a Windows machine.5. Don’t Be Fooled – Now although this isn’t a tip as such, it is probably the most important security prevention you can take. When browsing the Internet, be careful what websites you go on and what files you download. Avoid installing toolbar addons for your Internet browser or downloading programs for your computer unless you know they are secure. Malware and spyware is a very big issue online, so do your best to prevent it by sticking to trusted websites.The above tips to protect your computer online and just some of the preventions you can take when using the Internet. By keeping your computer secure you are also keeping your files and identity safe – so it is your best interest to take a couple of steps to protect your computer.