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If you like the environment then it’s likely that you take precautions to protect it. Even if you aren’t the greenest person you know, you probably engage in some healthy planet activities like sorting out cardboard and plastics from the trash, or walking or taking mass transit to work instead of driving every day. The average Earth smart person would never think of throwing a plastic bottle or aluminum can straight into the trash. Instead, that person would take the plastic bottle or can and recycle it. That same person, however, might not dispose of their technological waste in the same smart way. Instead of taking old cell phones, digital cameras, and yes, even computers and disposing of them in the proper manner, millions of such electronic and technological items end up in dumpsters and trash bins each and every year. In fact, electronic waste is the fastest growing category in human made waste out there, and the numbers are getting bigger each year. Part of the reason people fail to recycle electronics is that they aren’t sure how to go about doing it. This is not to mention that frequently people find in order to properly dispose of their electronics they have to actually pay for the service! For these reasons many people say ‘no thanks,’ but now there is a great way to get something more than a good feeling out of recycling.Doing the right thing and getting cash back for it has never been as easy as when selling a computer online. Now, you can take your old computer and sell Gateway notebook laptops for cash! It doesn’t matter what kind of condition is in, it’s easy to get money back for your old machine. All you have to do is go online and get a quote for how much your machine is worth, then then actually send you the packaging. Instead of paying to recycle your machine, you can get paid and sell Gateway notebook computers. That sounds like the smart thing to do for recycling conscious computer users!With some computer sellers, you can get a discount when you recycle your old computer with the same company, but that only helps you if you want another one of their computers. When you sell Gateway notebook computers for cash you can spend the extra money on anything you like. Of course you could get another Gateway, or you could change your mind and go for a new digital camera, a new iPod, or even a fun night out on the town! Treat your friends to some fun, or simply save up for a bigger better computer, it’s your choice! Everyone likes feeling good about doing the right thing, and everyone likes to have choices so get the best of both worlds when you sell Gateway notebook computers online. For more information on how safe and secure it can be to sell your old computer, just go online and check out how other computer owners have recycled and made some money the fast and easy way.